Additional Information

Puja Bolligarla is an international student from India. Her ambition is to become a registered nurse with a specialization in Anesthiology. She is pursuing a degree in nursing as well as a minor in psychology here at Dickinson State University. She chose Dickinson State University specifically for the very high reputation that the nursing program holds. She think this is the ideal environment that will push her beyond her limits and propel her to become the best Registered Nurse she can be. She has a strong passion for helping others, thus choosing a major that embodies this characteristic in every way possible. She is currently a part of the history club, psychology club, DSU student ambassadors and the international club where she sits as the event coordinator. She governs her days based on a simple quote that gets her through the hardest of times, it states, "Nothing good or worthwhile was ever achieved without enthusiasm." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson.