Rental Information


Renting the Biesiot Activities Center for your next event is a simple and easy 10- step process. The following steps are required to officially schedule an event at the BAC.

  1. Check the Events Calendar to see if your date is available.
  2. Read the Terms and Conditions of Facility Rental to learn more about the policies and procedures of renting the BAC.
  3. Fill out a Facilities Use Agreement to officially book your event.
    1. If you are a state entity, fill out the State Entity Facility Use Agreement.
    2. If you are a non-state entity, fill out the Non-State Entity Facility Use Agreement.
  4. Determine if your event requires adding the BAC as additionally insured to your commercial grade liability insurance policy. If so, call your insurance company and complete this requirement; or Click Here for a list of approved insurance providers (in Dickinson, ND) who can help you fulfill this insurance requirement.
  5. If you plan to have alcohol at your event, fill out the Request to Serve Alcohol Form and call the BAC Events & Conference Coordinator to see if a security guard is required at your event.
  6. If you need audio/visual equipment and other amenities at your event, please view the Extra Rental Fees sheet to see what is included with the facility rental rate.
  7. Expect a call from the BAC Events & Conference Coordinator within 48 hours of submitting all paperwork to discuss the facility rental rate and to confirm that your event is scheduled.
  8. Regularly communicate with the BAC Coordinator as you prepare for your event.
  9. On the day of your event, enjoy your event, sit back, and relax!
  10. After your event, please fill out the Event Assessment Form, and provide us with some feedback on our service so we know how to better serve you.


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