Friends of Internationals 
The purpose of this organization is to meet the unique physical, social, and spiritual needs of international students who attend DSU and to build relationships between American and international students on the DSU campus

Global Leadership Club 
The purpose of this club is to provide opportunities for students at DSU to develop their leadership skills through educational, intercultural and humanitarian programs. 

International Club 
The mission of the International Club at DSU is to promote intercultural knowledge and learning and creating a learning environment for all DSU students and community through educational programs designed to celebrate and promote cultural diversity. The international Club encourages an environment of tolerance for all and address and resolve needs and concerns of the DSU student community. All DSU students regardless of age, gender, color, nationality or religion are encouraged to be active members of the International Club 
Advisor:  Holly Forsness 

Student Inter Tribal Organization 
Student Inter Tribal Organization was formed to promote Native American awareness to the campus community, Dickinson, and surrounding communities. The organization is open to anyone who has a willingness to learn about different cultures but is structured to be a support system for any students indigenous to the America ’s. The organization meets weekly to learn Arts and Craftwork of Native Peoples, and bi-monthly for regular organization officer and member meetings to discuss issues relevant to the diverse campus population. 
Advisor: Holly Forsness 

Student Organization for Unity and Liberation (SOUL) 
The Student Organization for Unity and Liberation is a student organization to promote the education and culture of African-American students on campus.