Charting the Road Ahead

In today’s higher education environment with limited resources, increased expectations and demands for access, affordability and accountability, it is more important than ever that Dickinson State University strategically position itself for success during the next five years and beyond. Using the Five HLC Criteria as our planning anchor and central focus, we must dedicate the next five years developing and implementing action plans, assessing our progress and moving forward while we document our efforts toward achieving SBHE Cornerstone Objectives and DSU Goals. Accomplishing these three sets of interrelated goals will ensure that DSU increasingly becomes a driving force of innovative teaching, learning and scholarship and a key contributor to the state’s economic vitality, educated workforce, cultural capital and quality of place. Accordingly, five teams will be organized and begin their work with the start of the fall 2009 semester. Three major guidepost documents will provide us with a sense of planning direction. In order to achieve an efficiency and unity of effort, each team will work to simultaneously advance their respective HLC Criteria as well as related SBHE cornerstone objectives and DSU Goals. While there is not complete congruence among these three major reference documents, there is a common ground of defined effort and a related sense of harmony as reflected below: 

DSU 2015 Plan

HLC Criterion 

SBHE Cornerstone Objectives 

DSU Goals 

One: Mission and Integrity



Two: Prepare for the Future



Three: Student Learning and Effective Teaching

#2 and #4

#3 and #4

Four: Acquisition, Discovery and Application of Knowledge



Five: Engagement and Service

#1 and #3

#2 and #7

President McCallum's Signature 

Richard J. McCallum, Ph.D.