Reflections and Projections

This last June, we celebrated DSU’s 91st birthday. As I reflect upon this  anniversary, I am reminded that every institution experiences an undeniable  interconnectedness between its past, present and developing future. That is to say, at any given time, we can trace a continuum of thought that extends from the early roots of yesterday’s experiences into the framework of today’s programs.

To be sure, we are not the same institution that we were twenty or thirty years ago. Change has been a constant force throughout our ninety year history and most certainly the changing face of higher education will permeate our future. After nine decades of development, we should be proud of our many accomplishments and outstanding programs.

At the same time, however, we must remain open-minded and demonstrate a willingness to grow like the majestic oak tree that sinks its roots deeper as it adds another ring of growth to its massive trunk. With a sense of confidence, we should intentionally plan the next five years. We are empowered with the knowledge that changing events and new circumstances will challenge us to alter our programs and services as we thrive and mature as a regional university.

We are fortunate to have this window of opportunity to reflectively think about the convergence of past and present forces and chart a course that extends our beliefs, attitudes and values towards tomorrow’s opportunities. We must be focused and willing to persevere. I believe we have the capacity to chart our future. I am very optimistic about this journey. We are not moving forward without a sense of direction. We have multiple forms of guidance from local, area, state, regional and national organizations. Additionally, we have glimpses of the future emerging as global trends stimulate the jet streams of change.

Finally, our plan must become a “living” document that will evolve as time and circumstance converge. We must be willing to refine, revise and continually improve our actions.

President McCallum's Signature 

Richard J. McCallum, Ph.D.