The DSU 2015 Plan


The 2015 Plan 


In 2008, Dickinson State University launched a yearlong future-focused planning effort. A 30-member committee, including representation from faculty, staff, students, DSU Alumni, regional community leaders and other stakeholders, lead the effort. With consideration of DSU's mission, goals of the State Board of Higher Education, and Cornerstones set forth through the North Dakota Legislative team recommendations, the committee articulated the vision. In addition, seven preliminary goals, with objectives, were set to begin the work of making the vision a reality. With the planning focus on the year 2015, this effort is now referred to as the "DSU 2015 Plan." You can find the link to the “DSU 2015 Plan” on the left-hand side of this page. 

Continuing with the foundational work of the "2015" Committee's work, 40 DSU faculty, staff, and students organized into five teams. Each team is using the five Higher Learning Commission criteria as a planning anchor and central focus to continually improve the efforts of the university. These teams will continue to advance the steps to live out the mission and reach the vision of the university, and to work to achieve the Legislative Roundtable Cornerstones, implement the strategic plan of the State Board of Higher Education, and meet the established goals of the university.  The progress made by each team during that time period can be found in the 2015 Progress Report, “Preparing for Greatness,” which was completed in August 2010. 

This year our teams have again come together to assess our progress as an institution of higher learning and to document our efforts. The team's report will be available in early June 2011.