Early Entry (Dual Credit)

Early Entry (Dual Credit)

Save Time:

Hundreds of North Dakota’s high school students are getting a head start on college by enrolling at Dickinson State University.  Students take college courses for credit while enrolled in high school.  Working with their high school guidance counselor the student can identify courses that will satisfy requirements for high school graduation and earn both high school and college credit at the same time.

College courses may be taught on campus, via Interactive Video Network (IVN), or on DSU campus*

Courses can be taken by high school sophomores, juniors or seniors.  High school students can take course that will satisfy both high school and college degree requirements.   This saves time in college – sometimes as much as a whole semester or even a year of college.  Completing courses in high school saves you time and money in the future.

Save Money:

The cost of courses taken on your campus or via IVN is much less than the traditional college cost.  In addition to the lower per credit cost, most of the cost of higher education stems from room, board, and other living expenses.  By taking college courses in high school you save on the per credit cost and cut down on the amount of time you will be in college – thus saving money over the long term.

Next Steps:

If you are interested in taking college courses while in high school the first step is to talk with your high school guidance counselor.  Let them know you are interested in taking DSU courses to earn both college and high school credit.   Review our FAQs and if you have more questions contact us at:  dsu.hawk@dickinsonstate.edu 



Who can apply?
The program is open to high school sophomores, juniors and seniors at participating North Dakota high schools.

Is credit transferable?
Dickinson State University is fully accredited by the North Central Association of the Higher Learning Commission.  As a result of this accreditation, course credits are transferrable and accrue without difficulty.  All institutions within the North Dakota University System will accept any course approved by the General Education Transfer Agreement (GERTA).

How do I apply?
There are two steps to apply

  1.        To enroll in a course you need to visit with your high school guidance counselor who will provide you with an enrollment form.  Some courses require evidence of ACT/SAT minimum scores prior to enrollment.  You will need to talk to your high school about courses available and how they fit into the courses you need for graduation.
  2.        To apply to DSU you will need to complete the online application found at www.dickinsonstate.edu/apply.  There is a one-time $35 application fee. 

How many dual credit courses may I take?
Talk to your high school guidance counselor about class availability and course limits.

What does it cost?
High School Campus and IVN

For fall 2014 the cost per credit taught at the high school campus is $115.  Most classes are 3 credits ($115. X3 = $345).  There are some minimal university system fees.   You will be billed by the Business Affairs office after you enroll in courses.

*Courses taken on DSU campus

For fall 2014, the cost per credit taught on the DSU campus is XXX.  Most classes are 3 credits ($XXX x3 = $XXX).  There are also some minimal university system fees.  You will be billed by the Business Affairs office after you enroll in courses.

Is there financial aid?
Families who desire financial assistance can apply through the State of North Dakota.  There are two possible sources of aid for college courses taken in high school. 

DEAL loan 

Do classes meet college academic standards?
Approved courses meet standards for credit at Dickinson State University and at other schools in the North Dakota University students. 

May I use DSU facilities while enrolled in a dual credit class?
While you are taking college courses at DSU you enjoy the same privileges granted to all part-times DSU students.  You may use the DSU computer labs and library.  You are also welcome to attend all DSU events. 

Does my school participate?
Participation varies by semester.  Talk with your high school about your interest in this program.  Courses may also be available by IVN if not offered in your school.

Past participants include:
Beach High School
Belfield High School
Beulah High School
Bowman High School
Dickinson High School
Halliday High School
Killdeer High School
Scranton High School
South Heart High School
Trinity High School
Watford High School

What courses can I take?
Courses vary by high school.  Past courses have included:

College composition
Fundamentals of speech
General Biology
Introduction to Sociology
Introduction to Psychology
College Algebra
Calculus I
Second Year Spanish 1
Second Year Spanish 11
Advanced Spanish
Agricultural Welding
And many more…