Articulation Agreements & Memorandums of Understanding

Articulation Agreements & Memorandums of Understanding


Statewide Agreements

NDUS Agreements with Colleges

NDUS Agreements with Universities


Bismarck State College

  • BSED Elementary Education Major (MOU)
    • BSED Elementary Education (AA)
  • BSED Secondary Education Majors (Composite Social Science, English, History, Mathematics and Secondary Professional Education Sequence) (MOU)
    • BSED Secondary Education Composite Social Science 7-12 (AA)
    • BSED Secondary Education English 7-12 (AA)
    • BSED Secondary Education History 7-12 (AA)
    • BSED Secondary Education Mathematics 7-12 (AA)
    • BSED Secondary Professional Education Sequence 7-12 (AA)
  • BSED Business Education, Composite Music Education, Choral Music Education, Instrumental Music Education and BA Music (MOU)
    • BSED Business Education 7-12 (AA)
      • BSED Business Education 7-1 2 (Distance Education Approval)
  • Student Access to Co-Curricular Activities (MOU)
  • BS Computer Technology Management (AA)
    • BS Computer Technology Management (Distance Education Approval)
  • BS Computer Science (AA)
  • BS Accounting (AA)
  • BS Environmental Science 2+2 (AA)
  • BS Finance Major (AA)
  • BS International Business Major (AA)
  • BS Human Resource Management Major (AA)
  • BA Composite Social Science (AA)
  • BA English with Journalism Minor (AA)
  • BUS University Studies (AA)
  • BAS Applied Science


Cankdeska Cikana Community College

Dawson Community College


Duksung Women's University


Fort Berthold Community College

Fort Beck Community College

Highline Community College

Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University

  • Academic Cooperation (MOU)

Krasnoyarsk State Medical University

  • Nursing Program Collaboration (MOU)


Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University

  • Academic Cooperation (MOU)


Lake Region State College


Mayville State University


Miles Community College


Miguel Hernandez University of Elche (Spain)

  • Agreement of Collaboration


Nizhniy Novgorod Agricultural Academy

  • Development of Educational/Research Projects (MOU)


North Dakota State University


Northwest College-Powell, WY


Seattle Community College District


Sitting Bull College


Turtle Mountain Community College


United Tribes Technical College


Valley City State University


Williston State College


Memorandum of Understanding