Faculty/Student Research

Faculty/Student Research

Our Philosophy: DSU's undergraduate research opportunities are significant, student-centered opportunities for faculty-mentored students to engage in higher-level thinking within and across disciplines.

Highlights: DSU conducts faculty-student research across disciplines. Some examples of collaborative projects include the following:

Colt Goff and Jess Fuhrman found interesting significant results in a project with Dr. Andrew McGarva exploring hunger and hand-eye coordination in collegiate wrestlers. This study is currently under review for publication.

Ramona Redding-Lopez, mentored by faculty advisors Dr. Alan Church & Dr. Holly McBee, applied critical methodology learned in one class to content in another, producing "Rejection of schema modification in critical responses to The Mill on the Floss."

Diana Fischer worked with Dr. Chip Poland of Agriculture to examine producer perspectives on the efficacy of leafy spurge control, a study with implications for agriculture practice in North Dakota.

Meredith Andrus used remote sensing to examine cover crops in Dunn County, ND, with Dr. Erik Brevik and Dr. Seth Soman.

International student Ahmad Noura worked with faculty advisor Dr. Karen Foster to examine portrayals of Arab/Muslim immigrants and terrorism in world literature textbooks and courses.

Allison Gunderson worked with Dr. Rebecca Pitkin on a project entitled Math and Gender: Stereotype, Myth, or Culture? Allison is currently in graduate school and pursuing this topic as her thesis.

Hope Ruggles, Chelsey Scheer, and Cassie McLean collaborated with Dr. Christine McCoy and Dr. Rebecca Pitkin on a two-year project examining a capstone electronic portfolio requirement. Recommendations from this project led to modifications and improvements in the project.