Collaborative Request Form

Collaborative Request Form

In accordance with North Dakota University System (NDUS) Procedures Manual 401.0 Collaborative Student, a collaborative student is a student who is earning a degree from Dickinson State University (DSU), but taking some courses at another NDUS institution within the same term. Dickinson State University, which is the institution from which the student is receiving her/his degree, is the Home institution. The institution where the student is taking a course, but not receiving a degree from, is the Provider institution.

Before submitting a collaborative request, the student must be enrolled in at least one DSU course for the semester she/he is requesting to take a collaborative course.

To use this form to register, the Home institution must be DSU. Therefore, the student must be fully admitted and be receiving her/his degree from DSU. To qualify as a collaborative student, the following criteria must be met.

To the Student: Please do NOT submit this request if you do not meet these criteria. You CANNOT register for a collaborative course until you are registered for a DSU course for the semester.

  1. You have been admitted to DSU as a degree-seeking student.
  2. You cannot have any negative service indicators, blocks or holds preventing enrollment.
  3. You must be enrolled in at least one DSU course for the term.
  4. Collaborative requests should only be made for courses that are NOT offered at DSU, except in instances where articulation agreements or special circumstances dictate otherwise. Exceptions must be approved by the department chair and college dean of your major.
  5. You cannot exceed 18 semester hours total for fall or spring terms or 7 semester hours for the summer term without approval from your advisor, department chair and dean.
  6. You must meet all prerequisites as set by the provider campus.
  7. If students wish to take advantage of the repeated course opportunity to improve a grade, that course must be repeated at DSU. Collaborative registration at a host institution is not an option for repeating courses previously taken at DSU
  8. Graduate level courses, UND Continuing Education courses, and correspondence courses are not eligible for a collaborative registration.

By requesting a collaborative registration, you are agreeing to the following:

  1. You understand that collaborative courses do not automatically count towards academic degree-seeking requirements at DSU. It is your responsibility to verify that the course(s) you are requesting will fulfill your intended requirement by contacting your academic advisor (for program requirements) or the Office of Academic Records (for General Education requirements). Approval of this request as a collaborative registration does NOT indicate approval to fulfill DSU requirements.
  2. You understand that collaborative credits are transfer credits from the provider institution and therefore do NOT count towards the requirement to have at least 32 credit hours from DSU to earn a degree.
  3. You understand tuition and/or other approved collaborative-related charges from the provider campus will be added to your account after the last day to drop at 100% and due by designated date; however, per NDUS Procedures 404.0, Section 5, students have the option to pay the provider campus directly or pay DSU. You will not be able to make changes to your registration at the provider institution directly.
  4. There will be a hold place on you account preventing you from making changes. You must request changes to your collaborative courses through DSU. To make changes to your schedule, you must submit a collaborative request through the online form.
  5. You will follow all drop and withdrawal procedures with DSU and in accordance with SBHE Policy 830.2.
  6. Your collaborative request must be completed  by 4:00 PM CT, 3:00PM MT on the last day to add a course for the semester.

As part of your collaborative registration, DSU will complete the following on your behalf:

  1. Credits taken at provider campuses will be combined with credits at DSU for financial aid purposes.
  2. Tuition and/or other approved collaborative related charges owed to your provider institution will be added to your bill at DSU.
  3. A transcript from your provider institution will automatically be requested at the end of the semester and credits will be transferred to DSU.

Once you have submitted the registration from below, the Collaborative Contact will check to make sure that you are eligible to take these courses collaboratively.The Collaborative Contact will then send your request to the provider institution and a representative from that institution will register you in Campus Connection. You will receive a confirmation email within 1.5 to 2 weeks after the registration has been submitted. You are not registered until you receive this confirmation email. Due to this turnaround time for collaborative registrations, we strongly encourage you to submit your registration before the first day of classes.

You can use Campus Connection to view course offerings across the university system. If you are a DSU student and have questions about the collaborative process, contact the Collaborative Contact at 701-224-5631 or


If you are an international student, you need to contact the International Programs office before your collaborative request can be approved. If you have questions please contact the Office of International Programs at 
or 701-483-2322. 

A collaborative request must be completed by 4:00 PM CT, 3:00PM MT the day before the last day to add or drop a course for the semester.   Summer semester May 27th. Fall semester September 1st.

REMINDER: This form CANNOT be used to register for Dickinson State University courses.