Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services

Mission Statement: Dickinson State University is committed to providing equal academic opportunities for all students with disabilities and meeting its obligations under federal and state statutes.


Statement of Intent

Dickinson State University desires to create an accessible community where individuals with disabilities have an equal opportunity to pursue their educational goals, limited only by their abilities, not their disabilities. To this end the University will:

  • Provide direct, reasonable accommodations and support services for individuals with disabilities 
  • Encourage self-determination, independence, and personal responsibility for students with disabilities
  • Provide resources, advocacy, collaborative services, and outreach throughout the University community
  • Promote an open and welcoming environment around campus for individuals with disabilities
  • Inform and educate the University community about disability-related laws, rules, regulations, and policies


Dickinson State University's Policy for Students with Disabilities

Dickinson State University is committed to providing for the needs of enrolled or admitted students who have disabilities under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). 

It is the policy of Dickinson State University to make accommodations available for any student who, through a current professional assessment, can document and verify an eligible disability. 

In general, Dickinson State University calls for reasonable accommodations to be made for students with disabilities on an individualized and flexible basis.  It is the responsibility of students with disabilities, however, to seek available assistance at the University and to make their needs known.  The University offices that help to ensure equitable access for students with disabilities are the Disability Services Office and the Academic Success Center.