Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services

Disability Services 
Dickinson State University is committed to providing equal academic opportunities for all students with disabilities, meeting its obligations under federal and state statutes.

To be eligible for services, students must provide appropriate documentation of their disability. Disabilities can be physical, psychological, or a learning disability, and must substantially limit one or more major life activities.
Criteria for Disability Documentation 

What Do I Need To Do?
Fill out the application packet.
Make an appointment with the Disability Services Coordinator.
Bring documentation of your disability.
Information Letter
Registration Form 

Classroom and reasonable program accommodations will be arranged by the Disability Services Coordinator. Students will be required to meet at least once each semester to facilitate accommodation requests.
DSU Policies and Procedures for Students with Disabilities  

o Students will be able to receive reasonable accommodations to pursue their educational goals more effectively.
o DSU faculty and staff will be better able to assist students with learning new skills.
o The program provides legal protection against discrimination (as specified in Americans with Disabilities and Rehabilitation Act).
o Disability Services can help improve a student's self-image by developing self-advocacy skills.

Disability Services Brochure 

Location: The Disability Services Office is located in the lower level of Stoxen Library (in the Academic Success Center).

Phone: (701)483-2999

Email:  dsu.disability@dickinsonstate.edu

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