Becoming a Tutor or Mentor

Becoming a Tutor or Mentor

Becoming a Peer Tutor

You like helping others and you're interested in being a tutor in the DSU Academic Success Center. It seems like a rewarding job with flexible hours and good starting pay ($11.25/hr). But what do tutors do? How do you apply? Please read the following documents for more information.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you cannot access or print the documents below or do not want to update or download Adobe Reader, contact the Tutoring Center at 701-483-2999 or

We are happy to send all necessary materials to you by email. 

So You Want to Be a Tutor (.pdf) -- a basic overview of what's involved in becoming and being a tutor

Application (.pdf) -- the tutoring job application form

Faculty Reference Form (.pdf) - the faculty reference form you'll need to tutor in each subject/area. (Please submit at least two.)

Possible Interview Questions - some questions to think about if we call you back for an interview

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Becoming a Peer Mentor

Peer mentoring takes place in the residence halls.  Like tutoring, it focuses on helping others.  Unlike tutoring, peer mentoring emphasizes not content knowledge but rather general study skills.  Peer mentors help students improve their abilities in terms of note-taking, test preparation, and time and stress management.  The ASC's peer mentors, like our peer tutors, receive $11.25 as a starting salary. Please contact the Academic Success Center at 701-483-2999 or for more information. 

So You Want to be a Peer Mentor (.pdf) -- a basic overview of what's involved in becoming and being a mentor

Application (.pdf) -- the peer mentoring job application form

Reference form for peer mentor candidates (.pdf) -- the reference form you'll need to submit if you want to become a peer mentor (Please submit at least two references.  One should be from a faculty member.  The other should be another professional or paraprofessional reference.  You could ask your residence hall director or an RA to submit a recommendation for you.)