Program - Art

Program - Art

DSU Fine Arts Program


The DSU Fine Arts program introduces students to the fine arts. Offering courses in art history, painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, ceramics, and graphic design the Arts program provides students a complete visual arts education.

Courses are designed to give students fundamental techniques to expand their technical skills that will lead to finding their own personal expression.

Fine Arts Drawing and Painting

Drawing and painting courses are offered at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.  The drawing loft and painting studios, located at South Campus on Villard Street, are open for student use when classes are not in session.

Fine Arts Photography

The photography lab is a fully equipped B & W film darkroom with Beseler enlargers and a fully equipped lighting studio. The printmaking lab recently purchased a Conrad Intaglio press that is used for both intaglio and relief processes.

Fine Arts Ceramics

DSU ceramics studio has 5 Amaco Kick Wheels, 3 Clay Boss Electric Wheels, 2 Pacifica and one Shimpo wheel; Peter Pugmill; small updraft gas kiln and 4 electric kilns. Clay comes from Dakota Pottery Supply, Sioux Falls, SD. Cone 5 oxidation firings with commercial and custom blended glazes. Advanced Ceramics students use porcelain and high temperature stoneware to fire the updraft kiln. Raku and Barrel/Smoke firings are offered.

Fine Arts Graphic Design Minor

DSU's minor in Graphic Design provides a foundation in computer-based forms of graphic design combining conceptual, creative and technical skills.​ DSU maintains state-of-the-art technology labs offering the latest in Adobe Creative Suite applications. More about this program here.

DSU Mind's Eye Art Gallery

DSU Art Gallery pano
The DSU Mind's Eye Art Gallery is located in lower level of Klinefelter Hall. Gallery Hours and Latest Show information.

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