Audition Materials

Audition Materials

Thank you for your interest in the Northern Plains Music Festival.  We are moving back to auditions for the 2015 Northern Plains Music Festival. We are endeavoring to create materials that are accessible and reasonable for an early audition. Audition and application materials are posted below. We have created audition materials that can be rehearsed collectively by ensembles in preparation for audition to assist teachers. If you have any questions or suggestions for future years, please contact Dr. Jeremy Wohletz.

All applications and audition recordings due October 9th, 2015

  $5.00 application fee     

$20.00 participation fee

All checks payable to DSU MUSIC 



Applications to Accompany Auditions:

2015 Vocal Application

2015 Wind Instrument Application

2015 Percussion Application


Audition Materials:

2015 Vocal Auditions

2015 Woodwind Auditions

2015 Brass Auditions

2015 Percussion Auditions