Degree Programs

Degree Programs

Four Degree Programs in Music 

There are three Music Education options at Dickinson State University. The Bachelor of Science in Education is offered in Choral Music Education, Instrumental Music Education and Composite Music Education (a combination of both Choral and Instrumental).  Through rigorous musical training, students from these programs have gone on to successful careers in public and private school music teaching.  Students in the Music Ed program are often given a great deal of opportunity to practice their skills through conducting ensembles, leading sectionals, and through service activities with a very active, national award-winning collegiate chapter of the National Association for Music Education.  This program is a collaborative effort with Teacher Education and moves students along towards teacher certification.

We believe that the best music teachers are also well-prepared performers, so we require significant progress in applied instruction leading to a full senior recital prior to the student teaching experience.  We endeavor to provide our students with ample leadership, teaching, and conducting experiences. 


The Bachelor of Arts in Music offers students a broad liberal arts base as a context for their music studies.  Students who have graduated with this degree have gone on to pursue careers in music performance, private studio teaching, composition, publishing, etc.  Students from this program have entered prestigious graduate programs in music, including the Peabody Institute of Music at John Hopkins University.  Several have gone on to successful careers outside of music finding that their studies had opened a wide variety of opportunities to them while developing a deeper life-long sense of accomplishment and enjoyment in music.

Students in the B.A. in Music program are required to progress to the 400-level of applied instruction and present a full senior recital.  A junior recital is strongly encouraged. Those seeking the B.A. in Music have a great deal of flexibility through electives to pursue their personal interests.  There is an 8 credit foreign language requirement for the degree and singers are encouraged to take additional foreign language.

For details on the requirements for each music degree please download the Music Department Fact Sheet.


• Bachelor of Arts Degree Music
Bachelor of Science in Education in Composite Music (K-12)
Bachelor of Science in Education in Choral Music (K-12)
Bachelor of Science in Education in Instrumental Music (K-12)



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