Study Tours

Study Tours

Dickinson State University Theatre students frequently travel to see professional theatre. Previous trips have been to New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Kansas City and Winnipeg.

The photos just below are from a recent trip to Chicago. We attended plays at the Steppenwolf, the Goodman, the Chicago Schubert, the Antheneum, the Chicago Drury Lane and the Wing and Groove Theatre. Titles included "The Full Monty," "Mother Courage," "Shockheaded Peter," "I Hate Hamlet," "The Visit" and "Person or Persons Unknown."

 Chicago Goodman  

In front of the Goodman


Chicago Skyline 

Enjoying the Chicago Skyline


Wing and Groove 

Student discuss the trials of working professionally with actors and the crew at the wing and Groove.


The photo below is from a recent trip to New York City. After the performance of "The Man Who Came to Dinner," theatre students spent time visiting with Nathan Lane.

Nathan Lane