Program - Theatre

Program - Theatre

The ultimate liberal arts discipline, Theatre provides excellent training in psychology, communication, and problem solving. Theatre as an art form is about understanding, empathizing with, and giving life to the incredible variety that is human experience. Theatre as a craft requires careful communication amongst the large team of individuals who are necessary to stage a play. Finally, each production has unique challenges that require creativity, flexibility, and initiative.

With this kind of training, the Theatre Arts graduate can succeed in almost any employment. Of course, professional and educational theatre are the most obvious options. Our B.A. Theatre graduates have had significant success working in the professional theatre. Several have gone on to graduate school and excellent careers in higher education. Our B.S. in Theatre Education graduates are very successful at finding employment in high schools in North Dakota and throughout the U.S. However, we also have students who have gone on to wonderful careers in business, public relations, tourism, journalism, law, sales, counseling, optometry, language pathology, and even politics.

We offer strong curriculums for either Bachelor of Theatre Arts majors and minors or Bachelor of Science in Theatre Arts Education majors and minors.

Our small faculty-to-student ratio allows for personalized programs of study and individual attention.

Theatre Performances

Our annual performance seasons typically include five departmental and two student productions. When we select the four shows of our main academic season, our goal is to offer both audience appeal and educational value. At least one musical and one classical script are always included. Our summer season provides at least one light-hearted show appropriate for that time of year. Every year, our students produce a children's play. Most years, there is an evening of student-directed one act plays. Many years, student directed extra projects appear on one of our stages.

Our productions are staged in one of three fine theatre spaces (a 700 seat proscenium and a 100 seat black box) and are supported by a rehearsal and dance studio, complete scene and costume shops and top notch lighting and audio equipment.

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