For students involved or intending to be involved in DSU Theatre

For returning students
Every year, the Dickinson State University Theatre Program awards roughly $15,000.00 in scholarships to students who have established their talents in our productions during the previous year or years. These funds come from our Fine and Performing Arts Society campaign, from the interest paid to our numerous endowments and from DSU Foundation Cultural Enrichment Funds. While Theatre majors and minors may enjoy preference, many students who only pursue Theatre as an extra-curricular activity have received awards. The only requirement imposed on recipients of these awards is that they be involved in some capacity in two program productions during the academic year in which they receive the award. Application must be made to the University Foundation by December 1 for the following academic year. Application forms are available from the Office of University Development.

For incoming students
Patron contributions and Cultural Enrichment gifts from the DSU Foundation provide a fund of as much as $7,000.00 yearly for the Theatre Program to award scholarships to incoming freshmen who agree to be involved in some capacity in two program productions during their freshman year. While students intending to be Theatre majors and minors may enjoy preference, all students are encouraged to apply. Information about these scholarships is available from DSU Admissions or by calling Jarvis Jahner at 1-800-279-4295, ext. 2323 or by writing him at Theatre and Communication Program, Dickinson State University, Dickinson, ND 58601.

Application for DSU Theatre Scholarship

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