DSU Theatre Alumni Fellows 2004-2010

Rick Walter - Class of 1986 - Fellow in 04
Rick works as a professional actor in New York City. He has performed with numerous repertory companies in the city and in nearby states. He has made several TV commercials and guest appearances on TV series, including a nice spot on a recent Law and Order. Rik was the Theatre Program's Alumni Fellow for 2003.

Jim Zimmerman - Class of 1975 - Fellow in 05
Jim is a Professor of Theatre at University of Wisconsin - River Falls. His graduate work was at Southern Illinois University. Jim was a founder of Dakota Stage in Bismarck. He also is a co-owner of a summer theatre in Door County.

Don Henschel - Class of 1968 - Fellow in 06
Don is a scene design professor at Midwestern State University. He keeps in touch and donates regularly to the DSU Theatre Patron fund.

Jim Birdsell - Class of 1972 - Fellow in 07
Jim is the Voice of CNN. A popular voice over artist working out of Kansas City, Jim also does work for NASCAR and the NFL.

Allen Oster - Class of 1979 - Fellow in 08
A professor at Stephen F. Austin State in Texas, Allen teaches Acting and Directing.

Gwen Stark - Class of 1969 - Fellow in 09
One of the few secondary teachers in North Dakota who is able to focus entirely on theatre, Gwen basically is theatre (and everybody's favorite teacher) at Fargo South.

Joann (Heilman) Ho - Class of 1974 - Fellow in 2010
Joann is a professional storyteller out of Kansas City. Check out her website at JoHo Storyteller.


DSU Theatre Alumni

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Kristina Akers - Class of 2003
Kristina completed her MBA at U. Nebraska Lincoln. She now works for a Dickinson Architecture firm.

Josh Amundson - Class of 2004
Josh works in Dickinson at Able, Inc. He directs fund raisers for Dickinson Area Public Schools just about every year.

Rana (Amundson) Webber - Class of 2000
Rana completed her MFA in Costume Design at Idaho State University in 2003. After stops at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, the Seattle Children's Theatre, and the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, she now teaches and does costuming at Oklahoma State University..

Sue Anderson - Class of 1978
Sue teaches English, Speech and Theatre at Richardton/Taylor High School and is a member of the North Dakota Speech and Theatre Association Hall of Fame

Bradley Auch - Class of 2008
Bradley is working in management for JC Penney in Minot.

Sandy Baer - Class of 1996
Sandy is working in medical administration in Bismarck.

Jen Banister - Class of 2003
After some time at Cloverdale Meats in Mandan, Jen went on in nursing and now works in Glendive, MT.

Kate Bartz - Class of 2006
Kate is married now and living in central Montana.

Suzi (Bogner) Amundson - Class of 2002
Suzi takes care of her family right here in Dickinson.

Andrea Bouck - Class of 2004
Andrea completed her MFA in Costume Design at University of Illinois. She now designs and builds for a Milwaukee children's theatre.

Christine Brunner (Frederick) - Class of 2001
Christine teaches at a preschool in Austin, Minnesota, where she lives with her husband Michael.

Jesse Buchholz - Class of 2003
Jesse is teaching Theatre and Speech at Sierra Vista High School in Las Vegas. He and his wife, Heather, have two little girls.

Carly (Bullinger) Lackner - Class of 2004 (AA)
Carly married TJ and lives in Oregon where he teaches math.

Leslie (Chaska) Wilkie- Class of 1996
Leslie is teaching English and Speech at Dickinson High School.

Jonathan Cole - Class of 1997
Jon completed his PhD in Theatre at the University of Oregon. He is now an Associate Professor of Theatre at Willamette University in Salem, OR. He also does fight choreography for professional theatres on the west coast..

Marianne Derow - Class of 1987
Marianne works in management with a Toronto based opera company.

Jake Dworshak - Class of 2008
Now working in management for an oil company, Jake has left JD's BBQ and adjunct work for DSU.

Michele Enderle - Class of 1998
Last we heard, Michele has been working in the Twin Cities area.

Jordan Franzen - Class of 2003
Jordan and family are living in Fargo, where he works for Microsoft.

Michael Frederick - Class of 2001
Michael is in administration with Hormel, Inc. in Austin, Minnesota.

Brenda (Frolich) Meade - Class of 1997
When last contacted, Brenda was managing a community theatre in Big Pine Key, Florida.

Annette (Gunsch) Bender - Class of 1996
Annette is teaching Biology and coaching Speech and Theatre at Selfridge High School.

Rick Haptonstall - Class of 1991
Rick completed an MFA in theatre at Humbolt State in California. After four years of directing and managing at Omaha Children's Theatre, he now teaches and technical directs/designs for University of Montevallo in Alabama.

Conway Heupel - Class of 2007
Conway is teaching music in New England.

Beth Hurt - Class of 2008
An ex-Miss Dickinson, Beth did a tour with Carmival Lines as primary vocalist in 2010-2011. When not battling mining companies in South Heart or singing for Hilltop Holiday, she is auditioning for her next musical theatre gig.

Jarvis Jahner - Class of 2004
Jarvis is nearing completion of his MFA in Stage Design at University of Oregon.

Alexandra (Kreidt) Jahner - Class of 2008
Alex is enjoying Oregon, while Jarvis finishes up that MFA.

Lydia (Johnson) Dworshak - Class of 2008
Lydia is DSU's Director of Housing. She is working on an MA in Educational Administration online, so she can advance in that area.

Jaime Kuntz - Class of 1999
Jaime was still on active duty with the United State Army learning to fly helicopters, when last contacted. She plans to pursue a Master's degree in Mass Communication when she is discharged.

TJ Lackner - Class of 2004
A regular on the DSU stage in the mid 1990s, TJ returned to us for some great shows in 2003 and 04. He now teaches math in Oregon.

Mark Lovell - Class of 1999
Mark is working in Seattle at a computer game software company. Married on Halloween, 2004, he and his wife are now building a family..

Jacob Mack - Class of 2009
When last seen, Jacob was still working at Borders. But he had a nice part in a Minneapolis Fringe Festival show last year and is still auditioning for more acting jobs in the Twin Cities.

Kory Martin - Class of 2004
Kory is working in Minneapolis and dreams of doing more acting work.

Mandy (Messmer) Wardner - Class of 1998
Mandy is teaching English, Speech and Theatre in Bismarck. She is married to Cory Wardner, also a veteran of numerous DSU Theatre productions in the 1990s. the two of them are raising a family.

Courtney Miner - Class of 2004
While working at a bank in Minneapolis, Courtney has been doing a lot of theatre in the evenings. Her credits include both community and professional gigs. Most recently, she played Little Red in Into the Woods.

Josh Nichols - Class of 2007
Working for DSU Student Support Services, Josh still finds time to participate in DSU and community theatre productions.

Bruce Owen - Class of 1983
At last contact, Bruce was working with the History Theatre in Minneapolis.

Lacey (Perhus) Rustand - Class of 2007
Married to Lance and working at a bank in Dickinson, we wish we could hear that voice on stage more often.

Lance Rustand - Class of 2005
Lance sells insurance for Horace Mann in Dickinson. He is finding the time to do some community theatre.

David Schlosser - Class of 1999
Dave is working as an actor in Minneapolis. At last count, he has twenty professional stage roles, one commercial, one national commercial and two independent film roles under his belt. He also writes scripts and does some set design. In his spare time he works in hotel management.

Cebe Schneider - Class of 1997
Cebe is the Dickinson area reporter for KQCD TV.

Klint Sickler - Class of 2004
Klint is selling insurance for Dakota Community Bank in Dickinson.

Rachel Thomas - Class of 1993
Rachel has sought work as an actress in New York City and Los Angeles since her graduation. She has appeared in several commercials and soap operas. She now resides in Los Angeles.

Chris Winhold - Class of 2003
After a stint as stage manager and technical director for the Ingersoll Dinner Theatre in Des Moines, Iowa, Chris returned to North Dakota and is working in Dickinson for TMI..