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Members of the Language and Literature Faculty. From Right to Left, Front Row: Dr. Margaret Barnhart, Dorothy Renner, Dr. Holly McBee, Dr. Kathleen Hanna. Back Row: Dr. Alan Church, Dr. Peter Grimes, Dr. Jim McWilliams, Dr. Michael Cartmill, and Dr. David Schreindl


Language and Literature Faculty

An outstanding faculty is one of the hallmarks of the Department of Language and Literature. DSU faculty members regularly publish stories, poems, essays and plays. Many have received national awards and regional recognition for their teaching, scholarship, and creative writing. The modern language instructors frequently provide translation service for personal, professional and commercial purposes.



Jim McWilliams Dr. Jim McWilliams
Chair of the Department of Language and Literature
Professor of English
Office: Stickney Hall 215
Phone: (701) 483-2145
Email: James.Mcwilliams@dickinsonstate.edu
Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Ph.D.
Missouri State University, M.A., B.A.





Margaret Barnhart Margaret Barnhart
Lecturer of English
Office: Stickney Hall 214
Phone: (701) 483-2127
Email: Margaret.Barnhart@dickinsonstate.edu
Dickinson State University, B.S. 





 Michael CartmilDr. Michael Cartmill
 Associate Professor of Spanish
 Office: Stickney Hall 218
 Phone: (701) 483-2472
 Email: Michael.Cartmill@dickinsonstate.edu
 Web page
 University of Utah, Ph.D.
 Arizona State University, M.A.
 Brigham Young University, B.A




Alan Church Dr. Alan Church
Professor of English
Office: Stickney Hall 221
Phone: (701) 483-2125
Email: Alan.Church@dickinsonstate.edu
University of Washington, Ph.D.
Arizona State University M.A., B.A. 




Karen FosterDr. Karen Foster
Associate Professor of English (Emerita)
Email: karen.foster@dickinsonstate.edu
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Ph.D.
University of South Dakota, M.A.
Augustana College, B.A.


Peter Grimes Dr. Peter Grimes
Assistant Professor of English
Office: Stickney Hall 211
Phone: (701) 483-2142
Email: Peter.Grimes@dickinsonstate.edu
University of Cincinnati, Ph.D.
University of Florida, M.F.A.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, B.A




Kathleen Hanna Dr. Kathleen Hanna
Assistant Professor of English
Office: Murphy 233
Phone: (701) 225-9630
Email: Kathy.Hanna@dickinsonstate.edu
University of North Dakota, Ph.D.
Utah State University, M.A.
Brigham Young University, B.I.S.




Holly McBee

Dr. Holly McBee
Associate Professor of English
Office: Stickney Hall 213
Phone: (701) 483-2002
Email: Holly.Mcbee@dickinsonstate.edu
Purdue University, Ph.D.
New Mexico State University, M.A.
University of Iowa, B.A.




Dorothy Renner Dorothy Renner
Instructor of German and Psychology
Office: May Hall 205
Phone: (701) 483-2832
Email: Dorothy.l.renner@dickinsonstate.edu
Capella University, M.S
University of Maryland, B.S.
Dickinson State University, B.A., B.S.




David Schreindl Dr. David Schreindl
Assistant Professor of Journalism and Communication
Office: Stickney Hall 212
Phone: (701) 483-2124
Email: David.Schreindl@dickinsonstate.edu
Ohio University, Ph.D.
Brigham Young University, B.A., M.A




Michelle Stevier-JohansonMichelle Stevier-Johanson
Writing Center Coordinator and Adjunct Instructor of English
Office: Stickney 215
Phone: (701) 483-2999
Email: michelle.stevier@dickinsonstate.edu
Carleton College, B.A.
Indiana University, M.A.





Marie Fichter Marie Fichter
Administrative Secretary
Office: Stickney Hall 221
Phone: (701) 483-2316
Email: Marie.Fichter@dickinsonstate.edu