Department of Language and Literature

Department of Language and Literature

Mission Statement

   The Department of Language and Literature provides high-quality academic courses and programs that contribute to the quality of life for the citizens of Southwestern North Dakota and the students and members of the Dickinson State University community.  Our courses and programs represent the heart of a liberal arts education, providing students with fundamental skills of reading, writing, and thinking considered essential to a well-rounded education. 

   With small class sizes and accessible faculty and staff committed to excellence in teaching and learning, our courses in the general education program develop student competencies in inquiry and analysis, knowledge of human cultures, and social and cultural interaction through the humanities.  Our upper-level coursework continues to develop students’ information and cultural literacy, producing critical and creative thinkers, life-long learners, and thoughtful citizens of a global community.

 Our Students

   Students pursuing degrees in Language and Literature’s programs receive personal mentoring and advising from faculty, preparing them for opportunities before and after they graduate.  Often they attend graduate school or participate in post-baccalaureate programs that provide them with new learning opportunities. 

   Frequently they participate in internships, collaborative projects, and annual undergraduate scholarship conferences.  Our students also produce an award winning literary magazine, Impressions, and staff the student newspaper, The Hawk.  Every year, they receive Alumni Foundation scholarships recommended by language and literature faculty.

  Our Faculty

   Our faculty consists of poets, writers, and literary critics who are reflective teachers committed to the scholarship of teaching and learning.  They regularly publish or present their work in scholarly and professional publications, conferences, and workshops from the campus of Dickinson State to across the country and throughout the world. 

   Committed to the university’s mission of providing high quality, accessible programming to students and the community, our faculty sponsor, organize, and participate in a wide array of programming that often brings nationally known writers, scholars, and educators to the campus and the classroom.


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