Professional Education Admission Requirements

Professional Education Admission Requirements

Admission to Teacher Education

Admission to Teacher Education is a two-phase process. Admission criteria are set by the Teacher Education Council and are subject to change. Phase one consists of provisional admission and phase two is full admission. Application for provisional admission occurs at the completion of the course EDUC 250 – Introduction to Education. Completion of the portfolio content review and final review is required for full admission.
Provisional Admission Criteria are:

1. Completion of a minimum of 24 semester hours prior to enrollment in EDUC 250 – Introduction to Education;
2. Completion of EDUC 250 – Introduction to Education, with a minimum grade of “C”;
3. Satisfactory completion of Pre-Professional Experience;
4. A passing score on at least two of the three subtests of the Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST) with a composite score of 516 or higher;
5. A minimum grade of “C” in ENGL 110 and ENGL 120 – College Composition I and II;
6. A minimum grade of “C” in COMM 110 – Fundamentals of Public Speaking;
7. A minimum overall GPA of 2.75;
8. Recommendation from advisor;
9. Recommendation from EDUC 250 instructor;
10. Recommendation from Pre-Professional university supervisor; and
11. Approval of the chair of the Department of Teacher Education.


Full Admission

Upon completion of 60 semester hours, students’ files will be reviewed by the department of their major for Full Admission to Teacher Education. The candidate for Full Admission to Teacher Education must have an approved content review of their Professional Education Portfolio. Candidates are reviewed by their major department on the basis of scholastic record, dispositions, eligibility for teacher licensure (a criminal record may prevent a candidate from obtaining licensure), and skill in oral and written communication. The department will make a recommendation to the Teacher Education Council for admission or denial. The Teacher Education Council, or a designated subcommittee during times when school is not in session, will make final decisions regarding full admission to Teacher Education. In cases where the Council must refuse admission to candidates assistance will be given for developing other career plans. Specific criteria for admission can be found in the Teacher Education Handbook or by consultation with the chair of the Department of Teacher Education.


Pre-Professional Skills Test

Dickinson State University requires applicants to the Teacher Education Program to pass the Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST) that includes subtests in reading, writing, and mathematics as one of the criteria for program admission. Each student who takes the PPST must obtain a minimum score of 173 on the reading subtest, 173 on the writing subtest, and 170 on the mathematics subtest or meet the requirements for a composite score of 516 in order to be eligible for provisional admission. The requirements for a composite score of 516 are a passing score on two of the three subtests with a total score on the three subtests of 516 or higher. The required minimum test scores and the composite score criteria meet North Dakota Education and Standards Board (ESPB) requirements for licensure. Candidates must re-take the PPST or portions of the PPST until passing scores or the composite score criteria are achieved. Candidates will be informed of test registration procedures and are responsible for scheduling and fees. Students transferring to Dickinson State University from another institution and declaring a major in education are expected to follow the same guidelines. In the case of a student transferring to Dickinson State University with an associate’s degree or the equivalency of an associate’s degree with regard to number of credits, that student shall meet with the chair of the Department of Teacher Education and have a transcript evaluation to determine when they will be required to take the PPST. Refer to the Teacher Education Handbook for more information.


Portfolio Assessment

All education majors must develop an electronic portfolio displaying their skills and competencies, development which will begin during their sophomore year and will be carried out until graduation. Each portfolio will be formally assessed a minimum of two times, with a final review/presentation taking place prior to pre-service teaching.


Pre-Service Teaching

Dickinson State University students enrolled in teacher education programs complete their requirements for supervised teaching in elementary and secondary schools in Dickinson and nearby communities. Students must submit applications for pre-service teaching to the Office of Teacher Education during the semester prior to their pre-service teaching experience. To be admitted to pre-service teaching the applicant must: have an overall grade point average of at least 2.75; a 2.75 average in major courses; a 2.50 average in minor courses; be fully admitted to Teacher Education; have successfully completed the final portfolio review; and be recommended by the chair of the student’s major.



In addition to successful completion of pre-service teaching, students who intend to graduate with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education must pass the PRAXIS II test in those subject areas where such testing is required by the North Dakota Education Standards and Practices Board. Students with prior degrees who intend to complete the Teacher Education Program must also pass the PRAXIS II test in those subject areas where such testing is required by the North Dakota Education Standards and Practices Board.