Pre-Service Teaching

Pre-Service Teaching

This capstone experience provides students the opportunity to apply all they have learned throughout the Teacher Education program. Under supervision of their cooperating teacher, students assume full responsibility of the classroom they are assigned—including planning, classroom management, instruction, assessment, and reflection.

During the pre-service teaching experience, students are assigned to at least one cooperating teacher in their licensure area where they can serve as an apprentice—practicing the art and craft of teaching by working with actual students and performing teacher-related duties. A university supervisor works with the student and the cooperating teacher to promote development and insure that students meet the Department of Teacher Education’s expectations as described in the Pre-Service Teaching Handbook. The cooperating teacher and university supervisor serve as both mentors and evaluators, completing formative and summative reports of students' achievement/areas for improvement. The bulk of this course occurs at the site of pre-service teaching field experience; however, students will also return to campus for periodic seminars. The Director of Field Experiences will notify students of the exact schedule for the seminar sessions.


For additional information about the pre-service teaching experience, please contact Dr. Lisa Daniels, Director of Field Experiences via e-mail ( or phone (701-483-2048).


Pre-Service Teaching Documents


Pre-Service Teaching Handbook

Cooperating Teacher/University Supervisor Handbook

Fall 2014 Pre-Service Teaching Schedule


Resources for Professional Application Packet

Sample Cover Letter/Letter of Interest

Sample Language to include in Cover Letter to share LiveText Portfolio

Sample Resume (created by ND building administrators and superintendents)

Sample Resume 2



All evaluations by the cooperating teacher and university supervisor will be completed in the Field Experience tab in LiveText. Additionally, unless otherwise directed by the university supervisor, pre-service teachers should upload their assignments as attachments to the LiveText field experience tab. Typically, journal entries are *not* uploaded in LiveText. LiveText tip sheets are hyperlinked below. Should you need additional assistance, please either contact LiveText support (1-866-LIVETEXT; or Dr. Lisa Daniels (701-483-2048;

LiveText help for Cooperating Teachers

LiveText help for University Supervisors

LiveText help for Students


University Supervisor Resources

Form for Travel Reimbursement

Template for Managing Student Records