Curriculum Council

Curriculum Council

  • A member’s term is two years.
  • No more than three terms may be consecutive.
  • A Faculty Senate representative is appointed yearly.
  • A student representative is appointed yearly.
  • Faculty Senate elects the chair (chosen from membership of the Council) in May to begin serving in the fall.


College of Arts and Sciences

Fine and Performing Arts

Jarvis Jahner  (14)

Language and Literature

David Schreindl (15)

Mathematics and Computer Science

Myron Berg (14)


Carolyn Burns (14)

Natural Sciences

Paula Martin (15) [chair]

Social Sciences

Karen Hale (14)



College of Education, Business, and Applied Sciences

Agriculture and Technical Studies

 Toby Stroh (15)

Business and Management

Knude Swensen (15)

Health and Physical Education

Dave Moody (15)


Marlys Bachamp (15)

Teacher Education

 Renae Ekstrand (15)


Faculty Senate

(appointed by Executive Committee and ratified by Faculty Senate)

Billy Harris (14) 


Student Representative

(appointed by President of Student Senate)



Ex Officio Members

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Cynthia Pemberton


Kathy Meyer