General Education Committee

General Education Committee

Sub committee:
  • The chair of a Council's subcommittee will be a member of that Council.
  • No more than 50% of a subcommittee will be senators
  • Unless otherwise specified, a Committee member's term is two years
  • Each department selects its own representative.
  • A member’s term is three years.

College of Arts and Sciences:

  • Fine and Performing Arts:
    • Ron Gingerich
  • Language and Literature:
    • Jim McWilliams
  • Math and Computer Sciences:
    • Molisa Derk
  • Music:
    • Tim Justus
  • Natural Sciences:
    • Ken Pierce
  • Social Sciences:
    • Fernando Quijano

College of Education, Business, and Applied Sciences:

  • Agriculture and Technical Studies:
    • Seth Soman
  • Business and Management:
    • Kristi Misek
  • Health and Physical Education:
  • Nursing:
    • Terry Klusmann
  • Teacher Education:
    • Suzanne Russ

Ex Officio Member(representative from Curriculum Council with Registrar being recommended)

  • Marshall Melbye