Course Reserves

Course Reserves

General Reserve Information

Materials which must be used by students in order to complete course requirements may be placed on library reserve. Please limit reserve materials to required reading as there are shelving limitations in the reserve area.

Reserve materials are shelved on closed stacks behind the Main Level Circulation Desk. These items are searchable on ODIN. Circulation time on reserve items is designated by the instructor. Any deviation from an instructor's designated circulation period will be done only with the consent of that instructor.

The following suggestions will increase the effectiveness of the reserve collection:

1. The form for placing materials on reserve is available in the library.
2. Order new books that you will want for reserve several months in advance of their need.
3. Within reason and copyright restrictions (see policy below), copies will be placed on reserve. According to copyright restrictions, a photocopied item may be used for reserve one semester one time only. For reuse, permission must be granted from the copyright owner and a copy of the permission letter given to the library.
4. Personal copies will be placed on reserve at your request. These items will be given the same care library materials receive. However, there is no guarantee against loss or damage.
5. Items will be placed on reserve on a first-come basis. Please allow at least 48 hours for the library staff to process the materials for the reserve shelves.
6. Reserve forms or lists are to be given to a library staff member.
7. Be sure that the library has placed your items on reserve before you assign these materials to your class.

At the end of each semester, all library materials are returned to regular shelving and personal copies are returned to the respective faculty member.

Reserve Copyright Information

At the request of a faculty member, the library may place on reserve copied excerpts from copyrighted works in its collection or materials owned either by the faculty member or their department in accordance with guidelines similar to those governing formal classroom distribution for face to face teaching.

If the request calls for only one copy to be placed on reserve, the library may accept an entire article or an entire chapter from a book or an entire poem. Requests for multiple copies on reserve should meet the following guidelines:

1. No more than a total of nine different articles or excerpts from books may be placed on reserve for a single class. For instance, three chapters and six articles may be placed on reserve.
2. Multiple copies of the same item should represent one copy per 10-15 students.
3. No more than one article or chapter by one author may be placed on reserve for a single class.
4. No more than three excerpts or articles from a book or periodical volume may be placed on reserve for a single class.
5. Copies may be placed on reserve for only one semester. Beyond that semester, permission must be obtained for the continued use of the item.
6. Copies may be placed on reserve for only one course, but may be placed on reserve for more than one section of a single course.
7. The material should contain a notice of copyright, see 17 U.S.C. 401.
8. Copies of consumable items such as workbooks, test booklets, etc. may not be placed on reserve. Answer sheets, tests, etc. compiled by the instructor may be placed on reserve.

If the materials you wish to place on reserve do not meet these guidelines or if you are in doubt as to whether a particular instance of photocopying is fair use, you should seek the publisher's permission.