Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a request to borrow books, journal articles, and non-print items from other libraries. Stoxen Library, Dickinson State University, provides Interlibrary loan privileges as a service to supplement the collections and electronic resources available on campus. Interlibrary loan is available to faculty, staff, and currently registered students, including Distance Education and online students.


  • Items owned by Stoxen Library
  • Course textbooks
  • Requests that violate copyright law
  • Items that no library will lend

How long does it take?

Depending on availability, allow a minimum of two (2) weeks. Journal articles may arrive faster because some are delivered electronically.


The library absorbs all costs. However, if you order an item and then fail to check it out before its due date, there is a fee.

Tracking requests

  • Access your “My Account” link to track library activity.
  • Click on ILL Requests tab to view requests and due dates.

How do I get the materials?

  • Books and non-print items are delivered to the library.
  • You are notified by email and by mail when the request is ready for circulation.
  • Your DSU ID is required to check out the item at the main desk.
  • Journal articles and chapters from books are delivered electronically (if available).
  • If not electronic, request the printed copy at the main desk.


  • You are responsible for knowing due dates for the loans and for returning them on time.
  • You are responsible for any charges resulting from late, lost, or damaged items.


  • ILL loans are eligible for one renewal request; however, some lending libraries do not allow any renewals.
  • To request a renewal, refer to the options listed on the ILL Loan Information Slip inserted in the book or non-print material.
  • Lending library policies vary—renewals may be granted, but are not guaranteed

How do I make an ILL request?

ILL requests can be initiated within 1) an ODIN search, 2) an article database, or 3) with a blank form.

    Within ODIN

  1. Select Books, videos, DVDs, CDs, & more on library home page
  2. Click “My Account”
  3. Log in with Campus Connection credential
  4. Select “All Libraries” from the drop down menu
  5. Enter search parameters
  6. Click the title
  7. Click the “Request” button
  8. The ILL request form is created
  9. Enter a date for “Not Needed After “ (allow a minimum of 2 weeks)
  10. In the Note section, add an email address and specify if you are a Distance Learner
  11. “Willing to Pay” -- the default is No
  12. Click "Create ILL Request”
  13. The request is generated and is sent to the library’s software program
  14. Log out of My Account to end session

    Article database

  1. In article databases, look for full text icons. If an article is not full text, click
    Find it @ DSU
  2. The “Find it” button presents options for retrieving full-text:
    a. Holding information: “Go” to search print holdings in Stoxen Library
    b. ILL: “Go“ to request document via Interlibrary Loan
  3. Selecting an ILL request opens a login screen; use Campus Connection credential
  4. Photocopy/Article Request form opens with information inserted
  5. In free text note box, provide an email address for electronic delivery
  6. Use Calendar button to select a date (allow minimum of 2 weeks)
  7. Check the box for copyright restriction statement
  8. Click “Go” (ILL Request was successfully sent!)
  9. Click “End Session” to close out

    Manual Request (Fill in a form)

  1. On library homepage, click My Library Account
  2. Login with Campus Connection credential
  3. Select ILL Requests tab
  4. Select Book Request tab for books, videos, or CD
  5. Select Journal Request tab for articles
  6. Include as much accurate information as possible. Insufficient or inaccurate citations may result in delays or inability to fill the request
  7. Enter a date for “Not Needed After “ (allow a minimum of 2 weeks)
  8. “Willing to pay a fee”--the default is No
  9. In the Note section, add an email address or specify if a Distance Learner
  10. The Preferred Media for a Journal Request is Serial (copy)
  11. Click Create ILL Request
  12. The request is generated and is sent to the library’s software program
  13. Log out of My Account to end session
  14. You are notified by email and by mail when the item arrives
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