About the Students

About the Students

The TRHLP is made up of a very diverse group of students from nine states and two countries.  TRHLP scholars are pursuing a number of different majors, including education, nursing, social sciences, sciences, communication, agriculture, business and management, and math.  On top of being excellent students, TRHLP scholars are also active participants in Bluehawk athletics and a wide variety of different on-campus clubs and organizations.  The TRHLP is unique in its focus on bringing together such a diverse group of young people to come together in a learning community.


Program Leadership

Student Assistant Directors
Student Assistant Directors serve as student representatives in the administration of the program.  Their responsibilities include planning and running all student meetings, events, and activities.  They also help mentor the Theodore Roosevelt Executive Committee (TREC) and assist the Program Director and Office Manager.

Theodore Roosevelt Executive Committee (TREC)
Student representatives from each class encourage positive participation, oversee student initiatives, and organize student events. The executive committee helps shape the program and ensures continuous improvement.

KIVA Committee
In 2013, the TRHLP scholars chose to renew program involvement in KIVA, which is a microlending system for individuals in third-world countries.  The KIVA committee is involved with raising funds for the TRHLP account and with distributing those funds to individuals in need.

Mentoring Program
Each year, a number of returning TRHLP scholars volunteer to mentor incoming freshman to help ease their transition into the TRHLP and college life.