About the Program

About the Program

The aim of a liberal arts education is to equip persons to be good leaders within the community. Good leaders are life-long learners who, as Teddy Roosevelt might put it, "Do the best they can, with what they've got, where they are." This unique honors leadership program is inspired by President Roosevelt, and how his character was formed while ranching and leading the "strenuous life" near Medora, North Dakota during the 1880s. Roosevelt once said, "Had it not been for the years spent in North Dakota, and what I learned here, I would not have become President of the United States." In that spirit, the Theodore Roosevelt Honors Leadership Program (TRHLP) experience combines elements of leadership, service, and academic rigor. In addition to the elements of leadership, service, and academics, the TRHLP is also a scholarship program. All TRHLP Scholars will receive a generous $3,000 scholarship per year for four years.



Most of the events TRHLP Scholars participate in are student-driven and student-led. This includes meetings, service events, presentations, and new program initiatives.- The TRHLP also offers opportunities for students to hold leadership positions through the Theodore Roosevelt Executive Committee, the two Student Assistant Director positions, and special committees.- The Leadership Studies curriculum is devoted to developing students to maximize their leadership abilities in the ever-changing world of the 21st Century. These classes not only will present students with new information, but will also give them opportunities to have a number of experiences they may not enjoy otherwise.



The TRHLP has developed a proud tradition of service in the community and region. Each year, students will devote time to seven service events in the community of Dickinson.- In November of 2013, the TRHLP raised enough money to purchase Christmas presents for 25 underprivileged children in Stark County as a result of the Miss(ter) Bluehawk Male Beauty Pageant.- In April of 2014, TRHLP scholars were able to raise $1,200 on behalf of the Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Center through the Hawk Walk 5k Walk/Run.



The TRHLP requires students to follow a rigorous course of study in pursuit of a Leadership Studies Minor.- In addition to the TRHLP Course of Study, students must also maintain a 3.25 GPA in every semester they attend DSU.- The educational experience for TR Scholars is maximized by a number of opportunities to learn outside the classroom. These opportunities involve guest speakers, conferences both on campus and across the country, and opportunities to study abroad.