Advising and Registration

Student Center SOAR

Join us for one of our advising and registration sessions also known as SOAR.  

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Who can attend SOAR?

Students who are conditionally accepted or accepted to DSU may register for SOAR. You must register for SOAR in order to register for classes. Registration for each SOAR session closes one date prior to the event.

What are the benefits of attending SOAR?

During these mandatory sessions you will:

·         meet with an advisor

·         take placement exams

·         register for classes

·         visit with DSU staff about housing and financial aid or verification

·         receive student ID card (your picture will be taken. Smile!)

·         meet other incoming students

What should I do prior to SOAR?

One week prior to the event, you will receive a reminder e-mail with an attached parking pass. Place this pass in your car window. This e-mail will also provide you with instructions to claim your NDUS student account and complete your Financial Obligation Agreement. Please call our office at 701-483-2175 with questions.

What should I bring with me to SOAR?

·         Driver’s License or ID

·         Parking Permit