Submit to Events Calendar

Submit to Events Calendar

Promote your events

Having an official calendar reduces errors and creates a centralized location for events. 

If you have a personal newsletter for your office or a special email list for departmental happenings, that is great! All events should be added to the official DSU calendar first as their are great advantages in doing so:

  • You may have your own calendar or event list but so do others! Let them help you promote your events by allowing them to secure the information from the official calendar.
  • Ever feel like your competing with other events? Use the official calendar to check what else may be going on around campus. If could prevent overlap, confusion, or maybe there is a partnership opportunity.
  • Submitting is easy! Any employee can log in with their network credentials and in a few easy steps your event is submitted! 
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To request an event be added to the DSU events calendarCLICK HERE to visit the main calendar page and click the "Suggest Event" button in the top left corner. Fill out the form and submit for approval.

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