Student Consumer and Safety Information



  • Health and Safety

  1. Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program
  2. Vaccinations Policies
  3. Security Report (Including Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures), Timely Warnings, and Crime Log
  4. Security Report - Missing Person Notification Policy
  5. Fire Safety Report and Fire Log
  6. Information for Crime Victims About Disciplinary Hearings
  • Student Outcome
    1. Retention Rate
    2. Completion/Graduation and Transfer-out Rates (Including Disaggregated Completion/Graduation Rates)
    3. Completion/Graduation and Transfer-out Rates for Students Receiving Athletically Related Student Aid (Including Disaggregated Completion/Graduation Rates)
    4. Placement in Employment
    5. Job Placement Rates
    6. Types of Graduate and Professional Education In Which the Institution's Graduates Enroll
    7. Six year graduation rates

Disclosure Requirements Relating to Education Loan