Enrollment And Communications

Enrollment And Communications

Marie Moe, Executive Director, Enrollment Services and CommunicationsThe division of Enrollment Services and Communications is a cohesive team that serves students, supports the academic mission of the University, and works in conjunction with other areas in the university to identify and plan to attain optimal enrollments. 

The division includes: the office of admissions; the office of communications; the office of financial aid; and the office of international programs (multicultural affairs). 

Enrollment Services and Communication team members embrace the university commitment to innovation, responsiveness, inclusiveness, accessibility and diversity by working in collaboration with one another to provide enrollment-related services that are systematic, relational, strategic and integrated.  

On this page you will find links to each department which includes information about staff in the area and primary responsibilities.  It also includes links to email and requests for service forms.

Working together,

Marie Moe, Executive Director, Enrollment Services and Communications

Executive Director, Enrollment Services and Communications.