Get to Know DSU & Dickinson

Get to Know DSU & Dickinson

DSUDSU is located in Dickinson, North Dakota, a city of 17,000, near the rugged and beautiful North Dakota Badlands and Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Dickinson has been nicknamed the “Queen City of the Prairies” because of the city’s strategic location, as well as its’ regional social and economic influence. Dickinson is also often referred to as “the Western Edge” because it is the gateway to the great American West, Medora, and the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. ( )

To meet the increasing need for educational opportunities for the west river area of North Dakota, Dickinson State Normal School was founded. The first classes, attended by 104 students in the summer of 1918, were held at Dickinson High School because the fledgling normal school had no building.

Accreditation by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools contributed to the credibility of a degree from “The College on the Hill,” officially renamed Dickinson State Teachers College in 1931, became Dickinson State College on July 1, 1963.  

North Dakota’s economic vitality, educated workforce, cultural capital, and quality of place all benefit from the driving force of the vigorous and entrepreneurial university DSU has become. The University’s Global Awareness Initiative has engaged DSU students, faculty and administrators in cultural diversity activities with educators at universities around the world.

Guided by the Dickinson State University 2015 plan, DSU is on track to be recognized as a premier university in the Upper Great Plains, educating a diverse and international population through innovative teaching, learning and scholarship that foster responsible citizens who impact the world.  

DSU offers over 40 different Bachelor degrees of Art and Science in addition to a generous selection of associate and pre-professional degrees.  DSU not only offers traditional classes, but online and dual credit courses as well. DSU’s Alumni Foundation provides over 200 different scholarships for students. Over 80 percent of our students receive financial assistance in the form of waivers, grants, or scholarships.

For more information on the City of Dickinson and the local events and culture, please visit the Dickinson Convention and Visitors Bureau website.