Naming Opportunities

Naming Opportunities

An array of possibilities exists at the Biesiot Activities Center for donors interested in naming opportunities, or philanthropic support. Naming opportunities provide a way for you to leave your own legacy at the Biesiot Activities Center or to make a tribute or memorial gift in honor of someone special. Naming can occur in recognition of gifts of treasure, time, talent, commitment to, and in support of the BAC. We invite you to consider the following naming opportunities still available at the Biesiot Activities Center.

Activities Center

BAC Coordinator's Office                                                            $150,000

Game-Day Areas

North Access Tunnel                                                                 $250,000
South Access Tunnel                                                                $250,000
Ticket Office                                                                             $50,000
Visiting Coaches Press Box                                                           $50,000
Visiting Team Media Press Box                                                      $50,000
PA/Scoreboard Press Box                                                            $25,000
TV/Radio Press Box                                                                    $25,000
Statistics Press Box                                                                     $25,000
Track and Field Long Jump Pit Area                                              $10,000
Track and Field Triple Jump Pit Area                                             $10,000
Track and Field Pole Vault Pit Area                                               $10,000
Track and Field High Jump Pit Area                                               $10,000
Track and Field Steeplechase Pit Area                                           $10,000
Track and Field Javelin Throw Event Area                                      $10,000

Facility Seating Options

General Bench Seats (2,628 out of 2,868 seats available)         $500/seat     

Locker Room Areas

Locker Room Concourse                                                         $1,000,000
Dickinson State University Football Locker Room                            $500,000
Dickinson High School Locker Room                                             $200,000
Dickinson State University Coaches Office                                     $100,000
Athletic Training Room                                                                $75,000
Team Equipment/Laundry Room                                                   $50,000
DSU Football Lockers (76 out of 105 available)                   $3,000/locker     

Multi-Purpose Areas

Concession Stand/Kitchen                                                          $500,000
Campaign Plaque Donor Recognition Wall                                       $75,000

The financial requirements for naming opportunities are convenient and donors are encouraged to discuss their ideas with the Dickinson State University Heritage Foundation. Naming opportunities can be created that more closely align with your special areas of interest. Pledges for naming opportunities at the Biesiot Activities Center can be paid at one time or over a period of time. Additionally, check with your employer to see if their matching gift will count towards your naming opportunity.

Please Contact Us if you have an interest in a specific naming opportunity. We would enjoy meeting with you.

Dickinson State University Heritage Foundation
291 Campus Drive
Box 19
Dickinson, ND 58601


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