Coaches And Media Boxes

Coaches And Media Boxes

The Press Level of the Biesiot Activities Center is home to seven media boxes for coaches, media/tv representatives, and other event management personnel. There is a separate media box for each of the following groups to use during an athletic contest:

  • Home Team Coaches
  • Visiting Team Coaches
  • Statisticians
  • Scoreboard/Clock and PA Personnel
  • TV/Camera Operators
  • Home Team Media Personnel (Radio and Newspaper)
  • Visiting Team Media Personnel (Radio and Newspaper)

Each media box can seat eight to ten individuals. A special attribute of the TV/Camera Box is that the windows will open and telescope to each side of the room so that there is no interference while filming the event.


 Coaches Media Boxes2

 Coaches Media Boxes4 

Coaches Media Boxes5