Press Level Suites

Press Level Suites

The BAC has seven suites located on the press level of the facility. The press level suites are 160 square feet and have a seating capacity of fifteen. Seating for the press level suites is entirely indoors. Each suite is furnished with a high-top round table with four chairs, a flat-screen TV with closed circuit television and full cable, a kitchenette area with refrigerator, cabinetry, and padded chairs. 

Each suite is leased for a multi-year term, and represent a Right of Use at all events at the BAC during that term. If you are interested in leasing a press level suite in the future, please Contact Us .

However, based on availability and approval some press level suites can be rented out on a "per game" basis for football games and/or track meets. To learn more about renting a press level suite for a specific football game or track meet, click here

During athletic events, suite holders also have the option to order food from a catered suite menu that is specialized by Sodexo, the University’s Food Service Provider. Tobacco products are not permitted in the suites at any time.


Press Suites  

Press Suites3