Hawk Vision Video Board Set-Up

Hawk Vision Video Board Set-Up

The Hawk Vision Video Board is the largest outdoor video board in the state of North Dakota. It is used at all football games and track meets for results and scoring, instant replay, statistics, advertising, and to distribute information.

The Hawk Vision Video Board is also available for rent at your next event. Ad's can be created and displayed to welcome your guests and to thank your event sponsors.

The Video Board also plays outdoor movies for the BAC's "Family Movie Night" during the summer months.

Additionally, scoreboard sponsorship is available on the Video Board. To learn more about a scoreboard sponsorship, Click Here.

Contact Us if you would like to use the Hawk Vision Video Board at your next event.

 Hawk Vision Video Board1  Hawk Vision Video Board 


Hawk Vision Video Board2 Hawk Vision Video Board3 


 Video Board5 Hawk Vision Video Board6 



Hawk Vision Video Board7 Hawk Vision Video Board8