Projects - Completed

Projects - Completed

The Harassment Policy & Procedure was revised and amended October 2006. Members of the DSU Staff Senate worked in collaboration with the DSU Harassment Policy Committee to revise the policy prohibiting all harassment and to clarify conduct that constitutes harassment.

Members of the DSU Staff Senate worked in collaboration with the Taskforce for Criminal Background Checks to establish a policy for conducting criminal background checks on full-time and part-time employees.The policy was instituted Feb 2007.

DSU Service Guide is a document that lists all departments and offices at DSU. The service guide includes the office names, locations, telephone numbers, and areas of responsibility for all departments and offices at DSU.

Moments of Excellence is a Staff Senate initiative (founded in 2007) designed to recognize excellence among staff members. DSU employees are encouraged to nominate a staff member they feel has gone above and beyond the call of duty in one or more of the following categories: positive attitude; excellent teamwork; going the extra mile; marvelous motivator; outstanding customer service; loyalty and commitment to the university; innovation and creativity; diligence; or a category of the nominator’s choosing. The award is given out monthly. Nominations for Moments of Excellence Awards can be made via the Staff Senate web page.

The Staff Senate Scholarship was founded in 2007 and is intended to help a student who is a dependent of a DSU staff member.