DSU Centennial

DSU Centennial

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As we approach the 100th anniversary of Dickinson State University it is interesting to look at the enclosed brochure which provides the class schedule for the Dickinson Normal School inaugural year, 1918 – 1919.

The copy on the back of the brochure reads as follows:

There are plenty of conveniently located homes in Dickinson where room or rooms and board of excellent quality are obtainable at reasonable prices.

The Normal school occupies splendid quarters, with fine rooms for instructional and reading purposes:  and the auditorium is one of the most beautiful in North Dakota.

This being our first year and the present time being the very beginning of the year, there are many matters that have not been worked out and other things that it will take time to develop.  We have an elegant building , a good course of study, an efficient corps of teachers, a fine city in which to work and a great work to do.  We want students.  We want young people to come to the Dickinson State Normal School to prepare themselves to teach in our rural, consolidated and graded schools, to do the most important work that people are ever called upon to do - the work of teaching.