Office of the President

Office of the President

DC CostonIn a setting “Where the West Begins” near the rim of the breathtaking Badlands of North Dakota, Dickinson State is a university of great heritage and wonderful promise. 

During his early adult years, Theodore Roosevelt ranched, hunted, and in his words, lived the “strenuous life” in this region.  Many times over the years Roosevelt said these were the events and the place that formed the foundation for his great accomplishments of service and leadership.  Every day DSU is committed to providing those experiences that transform the lives of students and prepare them to be successful in a world full of challenges and opportunities.      

Dickinson State is filled with a wonderful spirit of optimism.  There is an infectious collegiality among students, faculty and staff.  This leads to an unspoken, yet palpable, bond of deep respect for one another and a commitment to holding oneself to the highest of expectations.

Up-to-date and very well maintained facilities provide the setting for faculty to use their greatest creativity and skills when teaching.  Activities, including student research projects, music and theater productions, a broad range of clubs and organizations, student government, intercollegiate athletics, and many others, complement the knowledge gained through the classroom. 

The greater Dickinson community takes great pride in DSU and vice versa.  The community is changing rapidly as the energy industry expands.  Built on 93 years of wonderful university-city cooperation, there are great opportunities for students to see and be part of a region that is moving forward aggressively, taking advantage of its opportunities and facing head-on its challenges.

DSU has welcomed students from many countries.  The university intentionally finds ways to foster collaboration among those from different backgrounds.  The friendships forged at DSU between lab partners, in a theatrical performance, on athletic fields and courts or working together to help a local company solve a problem, could lead to great business partnerships or diplomatic successes for decades to come.

In short, a Dickinson State graduate is prepared to be successful, regardless of where the future may lead.

Please take a closer look at the “Western Edge” and consider becoming a member of the outstanding Dickinson State University community.  

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