1900 - Miscellaneous Index

1900 - Miscellaneous Index

Below is a listing of SBHE, NDUS, and DSU policies/procedures. Dickinson State University policies/procedures will be directly linked on these pages if available.  Please note that the SBHE/NDUS listings are not linked to the respective policies/procedures. To view SBHE or NDUS policies/procedures please visit their websites at the links below.

SBHE Policy Manual Index 
NDUS Procedures Manual

Section 1900 Index

Section 1901 Computing  
NDUS1901.0 Incident Reports

NDUS1901.1 Loss Control Committees; Risk Management Contact

SBHE1901.2 Computing Facilities

NDUS1901.2 Computer and Network Usage

DSU1901.2.001 Student Email Policy (Last Updated: 04-29-2013)

DSU1901.2.002 Employee Email Policy (Last Updated: 04-29-2013)

SBHE1901.3 Information Technology Project Management

NDUS1901.3 Information Technology Approval Process

NDUS1901.4 Imaging Procedures

SBHE1901.5 Data Element Dictionary - Data Quality and Integrity

NDUS1901.5 Data Element Dictionary - Data Quality and Integrity

Section 1902 Emergency Notification Systems

Section 1910 Vehicles     

SBHE1910.2 Use of State Vehicles

Section 1912 Public Records

NDUS1912.1 Information Security Procedures

NDUS1912.2 Student Records - Directory Information

NDUS1912.3 Employee Personal Information

Section 1913 Tribal College Assistance Grants

Section 1914 Centers of Excellence Applications

Section 1915 State Longitudinal Data System

DSU1915.1.001 Parking (Last Updated: 04-07-2014)

Section 1916

DSU1916.1.001 Mail (Last Updated: 03-03-2014)


Section 1917

DSU1917.1.001 Key Issuance (Last Updated: 10-28-13)

Section 1918

DSU1918.003 DSU and LRG Logo Usage (Last Updated: 02-10-14)