1900 - Miscellaneous Index

1900 - Miscellaneous Index

Below is a listing of SBHE, NDUS, and DSU policies/procedures. Dickinson State University policies/procedures will be directly linked on these pages if available.  Please note that the SBHE/NDUS listings are not linked to the respective policies/procedures. To view SBHE or NDUS policies/procedures please visit their websites at the links below.

SBHE Policy Manual Index 
NDUS Procedures Manual

Section 1900 Index

Section 1901 Computing  
NDUS1901.0 Incident Reports

NDUS1901.1 Loss Control Committees; Risk Management Contact

SBHE1901.2 Computing Facilities

NDUS1901.2 Computer and Network Usage

DSU1901.2.001 Student Email Policy (Last Updated: 04-29-2013)

DSU1901.2.002 Employee Email Policy (Last Updated: 04-29-2013)

DSU1901.2.003 Employee Mobile Communication Policy

SBHE1901.3 Information Technology Project Management

NDUS1901.3 Information Technology Approval Process

NDUS1901.4 Imaging Procedures

SBHE1901.5 Data Element Dictionary - Data Quality and Integrity

NDUS1901.5 Data Element Dictionary - Data Quality and Integrity

Section 1902 Emergency Notification Systems

Section 1910 Vehicles     

SBHE1910.2 Use of State Vehicles

Section 1912 Public Records

NDUS1912.1 Information Security Procedures

NDUS1912.2 Student Records - Directory Information

NDUS1912.3 Employee Personal Information

DSU1912.7.001 Records Retention Policy

Section 1913 Tribal College Assistance Grants

Section 1914 Centers of Excellence Applications

Section 1915 State Longitudinal Data System

DSU1915.1.001 Parking (Last Updated: 04-07-2014)

Section 1916

DSU1916.1.001 Mail (Last Updated: 03-03-2014)


Section 1917

DSU1917.1.001 Key Issuance (Last Updated: 10-28-13)

Section 1918

DSU1918.001 Advertising

DSU1918.002 Advertising on Campus

DSU1918.003 DSU and LRG Logo Usage (Last Updated: 02-10-14)