700 - Compensation Index

700 - Compensation Index

Below is a listing of SBHE, NDUS, and DSU policies/procedures. Dickinson State University policies/procedures will be directly linked on these pages if available.  Please note that the SBHE/NDUS listings are not linked to the respective policies/procedures. To view SBHE or NDUS policies/procedures please visit their websites at the links below.

SBHE Policy Manual Index 
NDUS Procedures Manual

Section 700 Index

Section 701 Leaves

SBHE701.1 Leave Without Pay

SBHE701.2 Developmental Leave

DSU701.2.001 DSU Faculty Developmental Leave


Section 702 Salaries

NDUS702.0 Salary Deferral/Payback Plan

SBHE702.4 Campus Administration of Salary Increase Funds

DSU702.4.001 DSU Salary Administration Policy (Last Updated: 09-09-2013)

NDUS702.5 Direct Deposit of Wages

Section 703 Retirement

SBHE703.1 Early Retirement

SBHE703.2 Benefits

NDUS703.2 Payroll Deductions


Section 704 Insurance

Section 705 Perquisites and Other Fringe Benefits

SBHE705.1 Executive Compensation


Section 706 Expense Reimbursement

SBHE706.1 Board Member and Advisor Per Diem Payments

SBHE706.3 Authorization for Travel

NDUS706.3 Travel Reimbursement


Section  707 Severance Pay