Career Assessment

Career Assessment

FOCUS - Online Career and Education Planning Systems          

FOCUS 2 guides you through a reliable career and education decision making model to help you choose your major at Dickinson State University and make informed decisions about your career. FOCUS 2 combines 5 self-assessments, career and major exploration, action planning and decision making in one comprehensive site.

First-time users:

  1. To create a new user account, contact the Career Development Center at 701-483-2370 to obtain the FOCUS-2 access code. Then decide on your own username and password for future use.
    Be sure to remember your personal username and password (the CDC will not have it).
  2. We suggest you begin by working on the sections detailed below. You do not have to complete every section. Select the ones that best meet your needs (if you are not sure, speak with the CDC). You can exit and return to the program at any time. Each section takes 10 to 15 minutes; the whole program takes about two hours to complete.
  3. When finished, print your completed reports and/or portfolio and make an appointment with the CDC by calling 701-483-2370 or emailing

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Freshmen & Sophomores:

FOCUS 2 can help you select majors and consolidate career goals.
Work on as many sections as you can in both the Career Readiness and Self-Assessment categories. If you are trying to select your major, we highly recommend the 'Academic Strengths' section, as well as the five sections in the Self-Assessment category.

Junior, Seniors & Alumni:

FOCUS 2 can help you plan your career and/or graduate school search.
Start with the 'Your Career Planning Status' in the Career Readiness category. If your scores are in the medium or low range, we highly recommend you complete the five sections in the Self-Assessment category.

Click on the 'Combine the Results of Multiple Assessments' to see how all of your results work together. This will generate a list of occupations related to your assessment results.

Once you have an understanding of your interests, personality, skills, values & leisure interests, use the 'Explore the Possibilities' section to research potential careers. This section provides information about each career, including educational background and salary information. You can also complete a side-by-side comparison of careers.

If you would like, you can consolidate all of your reports into a portfolio in the 'Personal Career Portfolio' section. We recommend you do this step if you have completed most or all of the assessment sections. If you have only taken one or two sections, it may not be necessary.


If you have any questions about FOCUS 2, please contact the Career Development Center at 701-483-2370 or by email at You may also stop in the Student Center room 14. We look forward to discussing your results with you!

For more information on what Focus 2 can do for you see this presentation.

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