Housing Information

Housing Information

As a Residence Life Department, we strive to create a clean, studious, hate-free environment that is conducive to learning and development outside the classroom, in addition to the learning students experience in their academics. Dickinson State University maintains three traditional residence halls for approximately 550 students. The majority of rooms are designed for shared double or triple occupancy, however based on space and availability, students may be able to have a shared room as a single at a higher cost. Rooms in these halls include furnishings (bed, dresser, desk and desk chair), broadband access to Internet, basic telephone service (dial tone and local service, long distance calls not included), basic cable service, utilities included, free laundry facilities, and access to common recreation and study rooms. (*Note: rooms for triple occupancy have the same layout as a double room, with one of the beds being a set of bunks.)

Select your Hall
When applying to live on-campus, you may indicate the hall you would like to live in. Placement is determined by availability.

Delong HallDelong Hall
Delong Hall is DSU’s coed hall. Standing 6 stories tall, the building houses 200+ residents on all 6 floors, plus the ground floor. The hall is arranged in double or triple occupancy rooms in “suite style” configurations with 4 rooms sharing a private bath. Four suites surround a lounge on each floor. In addition, the basement level includes a main lounge and kitchen. Delong Hall is conveniently located near May, Stickney, and Klinefelter Halls. Delong Hall tends to fill up quickly, so it is best to apply for housing here as soon as possible.

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Selke HallSelke Hall
Male students enjoy Selke Hall on the DSU campus. There are three floors of rooms with a lounge on the main floor and the kitchen and study lounge on the lower level. Selke's rooms feature movable desks for more freedom in room configuration. Four rooms in this hall are considered quads and house up to four students. All other rooms are set up for double or triple occupancy. Selke Hall is located near Stoxen Library in May Hall and the Student Center and Cafeteria.

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Woods HallWoods Hall
DSU's female hall is located in the northwest corner of our campus. Rooms in Woods Hall are located on the three top floors. A main lounge is on the first floor and includes plush furniture, a TV, and pool table, with the basement level housing a kitchen and second lounge area, perfect for crafts or games. Woods also has one amenity that the current residents find fantastic: a sink inside each room. Each room is set up for double or triple occupancy. Woods Hall is located near the Student Center and Cafeteria.

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The Residential Life staff at Dickinson State realizes that you will not only learn a great deal in the classrooms of our University, but will also learn as much through your extracurricular activities. Hopefully you will become involved in clubs, organizations and activities that will help enhance your personal development. We feel very strongly that the programs offered in our Residence Halls offer a perfect opportunity to enhance your growth.
Residence Hall programs and activities will allow you to develop skills and knowledge that will assist you throughout your life. Everyone is strongly encouraged to participate in our wide array of activities. Some of these programs are designed to help build community spirit and unity. Programs that we have held over the past few years in this area include our Human Minesweeper, Wish Tree, scary movie nights, and our annual Spring Fling which includes inflatables such as jousting and sumo suits, obstacle courses, and awesome prizes! Other programs are designed to enrich and educate students on social issues of the day. Some of these programs have been on such important issues as Date Rape, Aids Awareness, Eating Disorders, Alcohol Abuse, and Women's' Health Issues. We've even been known to do programs on current trends of the day such as the health concerns of tattooing, the how to on shaving your head, and tips on dying your own hair for fun. The Office of Residential Life strives to involve the entire campus in our programs and encourages all students, staff and faculty to come check out our programming. We think you'll understand why we say Dickinson State Residential Life is a home away from home!


Apartment Living
Our apartments feature kitchens (including refrigerator/freezer, stove/oven, sink, counter and cabinet space), living rooms, private bathrooms, furnishings (bed, dresser, desk and desk chair, except in North Campus), broadband access to Internet, basic telephone service (dial tone and local service, long distance calls not included), basic cable service, utilities included, and free laundry facilities. For further information or for a tour of our apartment complexes contact the Office of Residential Life at (701) 483-2091


Main Campus Apartments
The University maintains an apartment complex adjacent to the main campus with 24 one-bedroom apartments, housing 46 upper-class students, with three people in each apartment. Assignments to these apartments give preference to upper classmen, based on academic and social involvement on campus.


North Campus Apartments
Dickinson State University offers housing for students and students with families in the North Campus Apartments. This facility is located several miles north of campus, and assignment to North Campus Apartments is typically reserved to students who are upperclassmen and students with families. This single building apartment complex offers 18 two-bedroom units and six one-bedroom apartments.
Rental arrangements for this facility are based on whether the resident is assigned as a single student or as a student with family. Rental arrangements for single students are made in the same way as those for students living in the other residential facilities (including requiring a meal plan). Rental to students with families is based on a monthly rental rate for an apartment with the meal plan optional. All units are unfurnished and also include a one car garage.

Family Student Housing – See information above for North Campus Apartments.