Residential Life

Residential Life

The Residential Life program and facilities at Dickinson State University are designed to provide resident students with comfortable, attractive, and dynamic places in which to live and learn.  A variety of educational, cultural, social and recreational programs are presented to enhance the residential life experience.  Residential Life staff work with student residents to create an environment which facilitates personal growth, provides a sense of community, and encourages academic excellence.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Dickinson State University Office of Residential Life is to provide quality housing services for undergraduate students in an educational living/learning environment.  We are committed to the development of a residential community that embraces diversity and promotes academic success.

On-Campus Living Requirement
Research supports that students have a better opportunity to succeed in college if they are residents of campus housing.  Therefore, Dickinson State University housing policy requires all students who are under the age of 21 and who have completed fewer than 60 credit hours by the beginning of the Fall semester to sign a contract for room and board for the academic year.  Students reaching the age of 21 or acquiring 60 or more completed credit hours during the first semester may request to have the contract terminated at the end of the fall semester.  Students requesting exemption from this policy must do so in writing.  Approval of requests for exemption from this policy is at the discretion of Residential Life and Student Affairs.  Reasons for approval for exemptions may include: students living locally (within 25 miles of campus) with parents or guardians; married students; single parents with one or more dependents; and students with extenuating personal medical conditions.

Residence Halls
Dickinson State University maintains two traditional residence halls for approximately 300 students.  The majority of rooms are designed for shared occupancy.  However, based on space and availability, students may be able to have a shared room as a single at a higher cost.

Main Campus Apartments
The University also maintains an apartment complex adjacent to campus.  Main Campus Apartments offer 24 shared apartments housing 72 students.  Preference for housing assignment to Main Campus Apartments is offered to upperclass students.

North Campus Apartments
In addition to residence halls and Main Campus Apartments, Dickinson State University offers housing for students and students with families in the North Campus Apartments.  This facility is located several miles north of campus.  Priority assignment to North Campus Apartments is given to students with families and upperclass students. 

Rental arrangements for this facility are based on whether the resident is assigned as a single student or a student with family.  Rental arrangements for single students are made in the same way as those for students living in other residential facilities (semester rate, meal plan required) except that North Campus Apartments are not furnished.  Rental to students with families is based on a monthly rental rate for an unfurnished apartment.

2014/2015 Room Rates
Residence hall room rates for the academic year are shown below.  One half of the rate is billed per semester.

                        Type of Room                                                                Yearly Rate
                        Shared room (residence halls or apartments)                       $2,400
                        Single room (as space allows)                                             $3,312

Rental charges for family housing in North Campus Apartments are shown below.

                        Type of Apartment                                                          Yearly Rate
                        One-bedroom                                                                      $540
                        Two-bedroom                                                                      $612

Why Live on Campus?
Living in a residence hall at Dickinson State University offers many conveniences and countless opportunities to build friendships in an exciting environment close to classes and university activities.  Many of our current and past students have made their residence hall a "home away from home."  The residential life program at Dickinson State University offers many opportunities to enhance your social growth provided with surroundings to enhance your educational needs.

The residence life staff members in each of our halls recognize the importance of student involvement and input and we work very hard to give students the programs and services they need.  It is not uncommon to walk into any of our lounges and find students studying, playing games, or just socializing.  Numerous activities are scheduled each week for the entire campus in addition to the residence halls.  If you want to make the most out of your college education and build friendships to last a lifetime, welcome HOME, to DSU residence life!

I Get All of This?!
The following is included in the price of your room.

  • furnished room (except in North Campus Apartments)
  • live phone line with local service
  • basic cable service
  • wireless internet access
  • free laundry facilities
  • vending machines
  • lounge spaces with pool table and more
  • kitchen facilities
  • office operations with games, athletic equipment, and mail distribution

Great perks and all the comforts of home!  

Required Vaccination
In addition to the immunization records you provided during the admissions process, you will also need to submit evidence of having received a meningococcal vaccination. The State Board of Higher Education in North Dakota requires that all students living in residence halls must be vaccinated against meningitis. Proof of vaccination must be provided prior to the end of the fourth week of the semester - failure to provide proof of vaccination may result in administrative withdrawal from the university. Vaccinations or referrals for vaccination are available in the student wellness center.
For other policies, please see the Dickinson State University Student Handbook

How to Apply
Once you have completed the application process and have been accepted to the university, you can apply for housing by logging into your VIP page. You will need to submit a $200 prepayment to hold your spot. This application and prepayment is due no later than August 15th each year for the Fall semester.

Food Service
Dickinson State University provides food service through Sodexo, a professional company that specializes in school and college food service management.  While the University is in session, food service is provided at the Student Center Cafeteria.

Students living in campus residence halls (excluding those renting as students with families in North Campus Apartments) are required to participate in a campus meal plan.  Students living in the traditional residence halls are assigned an unlimited meal plan as part of their room and board package.  Students living in the apartments (Main or North Campus) may select between an unlimited meal plan and a meal plan option providing 65 meals per semester.

Students living off campus are welcome to purchase meals at the Hawks Nest Cafe or the Cafeteria, but purchasing a meal plan may be a more economical alternative.  Students living off campus may purchase special meal plans through the Office of Business Affairs in May Hall.

Board rates for the 2014/2015 academic year are shown below.  One half of the rate is billed per semester.

                        Type of Meal Plan- Yearly                                               2014/2015 Rate
                        Unlimited meal plan                                                     $3,450 w/ $50 flex*
                        65 meals/semester                                                      $1,092 w/ $50 flex*
                                     *Flex dollars may be used for purchases in the snack bar.

Room and Board Fees
Room and board fees are due in full the first full day of classes each semester.  Rates are subject to change with one semester's notice.

Refund of Room and Board
Students who must withdraw from the University (or those receiving approval from Residence Life to vacate their room and board contract for other reasons in accordance with existing Residential Life policies) and who complete a proper check-out from the residence halls (in accordance with Residence Life polices) may receive a refund of the unused portion of their room and board contract.  Refunds of the unused portion pro-rated based on the date of the check-out from the residence halls in accordance with the following North Dakota University System schedule: SBHE Policy 830.2 (Refund Policy).


If the Student Withdraws During

Room Refund

1st week of classes


2nd week of classes


3rd week of classes


4th week of classes


5th week of classes


6th week of classes


7th week of classes


8th week of classes


9th week of classes


10th week of classes




If the Student Withdraws During

Board Refund

1st through 7th class days


8th through 15th class days


16th through 20th class days


21st through 30th class days


31st through 40th class days


41st through 50th class days


51st through 60th class days


61st through 65th class days


66th through 75th class days


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