Teacher Education Council

Teacher Education Council

  • A Faculty Senate representative is appointed yearly.
  • A student representative is appointed yearly.
  • Faculty who teach education courses—including education methods courses within the departments—are ex officio members.
  • The chair of Teacher Education serves as the chair of this Council.

Faculty Senate(appointed by Executive Committee and ratified by Faculty Senate):

  • Jamil Ibriq

University Administrator(appointed by University President):

  • Marshall Melbye

Teacher Education Students

  • Elementary Education (appointed by Student Senate President):
    • Alyssa Kottwitz
  • Secondary Education (appointed by Student Senate President):
    • Sarah Horst

Ex Officio Members:

  • Chair of Teacher Education:
    • Chair: Dan Conner
  • Faculty of Teacher Education:
    • Chris McCoy
    • Kevin Moberg
    • Suzanne Russ
    • Becky Pitkin
    • Noel Wax
  • Head of NCATE Professional Education Unit: Doug LaPlante
  • Faculty of NCATE Professional Education Unit:
    • Fine and Performing Arts:
      • Ken Haught
      • Marilyn Lee
    • Language and Literature:
      • Michael Cartmill
      • Deborah Ford
    • Mathematics and Computer Science:
      • Myron Berg
      • Reba Olsen
    • Music:
      • Carolyn Burns
      • Michael Compton
      • Bruce Southard
    • Natural Sciences:
      • Corinne Brevik
    • Social Sciences:
      • Kerry Livingston
    • Business and Management:
      • Karen Heth
    • Health and Physical Education:
      • Arlan Hofland
      • Dave Moody