How to Apply


Step 1: File your FAFSA
File your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible on or after January 1 each year. You may file the FAFSA electronically using FAFSA on the Web, which contains built-in edits to help prevent costly mistakes. You can access this online at  

Complete the FAFSA following the on-line instructions. [NOTE: It is beneficial to have the federal tax returns completed two weeks prior to filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This will allow you (and your parent) to use the IRS Data Retrieval to transfer information to the FAFSA.]

When you complete the FAFSA application you will need to indicate that you intend to be enrolled at Dickinson State University. The identification code for Dickinson State is 002989

A Note for Transfer Students:
If you completed your financial aid file at another school and later decide to attend Dickinson State University during that same year, you must also complete your financial aid file at Dickinson State. To get the financial aid process started at Dickinson State, you must go back into your FAFSA and as a correction, add the 002989 school code.

Step 2: Apply for your Federal Personal Identification Number (PIN)
You as a student and one parent (if providing parent information) should obtain a Federal Student Aid PIN. The PIN allows you (and your parents) to sign the FAFSA electronically, to access, or to correct the processed FAFSA information.

You can apply for a PIN at

Step 3: Apply for Institutional Scholarships
Student Scholarships are awarded through the Dickinson State University Foundation. Students can begin applying each year in October for the upcoming academic year. Priority is given to applications received prior to December 15th, and you must re-apply annually. Applications are available online at:

Step 4: Review your Student Aid Report (SAR)

You will receive an electronic Student Aid Report (SAR) approximately 3 – 5 days after you submit your FAFSA online, or you will receive a paper copy of the SAR within 7 – 10 days (if you did not provide an email address on your FAFSA).

The SAR is the summary of the information that you provided on the FAFSA. Be sure to review the SAR information carefully and make any necessary changes by going to the FAFSA website.

Step 5: Submit Verification Documents
If you have applied for admission to Dickinson State University and entered our school code on your FAFSA then DSU will receive your FAFSA information electronically a week after it was submitted. If needed, the Office of Financial Aid will send you a request for additional information.

You may be selected for verification . [NOTE: Failure to submit required documents may result in delay in awarding and disbursement or late fees being applied to your account. Federal aid will not disburse until verification is complete.]

It is very important not to ignore notifications from the Financial Aid office. If you receive a notice you don’t understand, please call and we will help explain what we need and why. You can reach us by phone Monday – Friday 7:45-4:30pm MST at 701-483-2371.

Step 6: Review your Financial Aid Award Notice and Accept your Financial Aid Package
Review: A financial aid award notice, listing the amount of grants and loans for which you qualify, will be sent by June 15th.

Accept: The award notice will include information about any additional steps that are necessary to receive your financial aid.

Please read this carefully and contact the Office of Financial Aid office if you have questions.

You can reach us by phone Monday – Friday 7:45-4:30pm MST
Phone: 701-483-2371     Email:

Step 7: Complete Entrance Counseling and Sign your Master Promissory Note (MPN)

If you were awarded a federal student loan you will need to complete entrance counseling and a Master Promissory Note (MPN). You can learn more about student loan programs online at:

You can access the entrance counseling online at .   You will need to complete entrance counseling and your MPN prior to the beginning of your first semester every year.