Tutoring center at DSU receives positive review and recertification through CRLA

Amy Czapiewski, associate director of communications, (701) 483-2595

The College Reading and Learning Center (CRLA) has recertified Dickinson State University’s tutor training program from July 1, 2013 to Aug. 31, 2014.

After reviewing the DSU Tutoring Center’s certification application, CRLA reviewers noted that the application was “one of the most complete applications we have reviewed;” they also stated that DSU’s program “provides a solid course-based training program that gives tutors everything they need to provide outstanding service.”

A professional organization dedicated to the research and development of learning assistance programs, CRLA focuses on the many contributions that trained peer tutors and peer mentors can make to the educational experiences of college-level, adult learners. Certification ensures that a tutor training program meets or exceeds established professional training standards; it also enhances the program’s ability to function as a team dedicated to a cohesive, shared vision of student support. In addition, CRLA certification provides trained tutors with a credential that can be transferred to other colleges and universities. This credential is often recognized and valued by potential employers.

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