Students rank DSU high in NSSE 2013 Snapshot

Amy Czapiewski, associate director of communications, (701) 483-2595

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) 2013 Snapshot for Dickinson State University revealed high rankings for the institution. The NSSE Snapshot asks first-year and senior students about a wide range of educationally purposeful activities. The Snapshot is a concise collection of key findings from an institution’s participation.

According to first-year students at DSU, 92 percent rated their overall experience as “excellent” or “good.” Eighty one percent of seniors rated their overall experience as “excellent” or “good.” Additionally, 90 percent of first-year students and 71 percent of senior students stated that they would “definitely” or “probably” attend the institution again.

“This is wonderful evidence and corroboration of the commitment to student success that our faculty and staff demonstrate continuously,” said Dr. D.C. Coston, DSU president. “We continue to strive to become better at everything we do each day.”

DSU also ranked high in the Perceived Gains among Seniors section. Senior students responded with high rankings to perceived gains, placing acquiring job or work related knowledge skills at 73 percent, thinking critically and analytically at 72 percent, and working effectively with others at 68 percent.

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